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Volkswagen Beetle: Seven Decades of History and the End of an Era

In Mexico, the last Beetle has left the factory; Volkswagen says goodbye to the historic car, but is already thinking about electric versions Volkswagen produced its last Beetle, which rolled out of a factory in Puebla, Mexico. In its third… Continue Reading →

Why is the VW Beetle such a popular car?

In September 2018, something really sad happened, Volkswagen announced that they would stop producing the iconic VW Beetle. The Volkswagen Beetle, sometimes known simply as the Bug, was the vehicle of the 1960s. They were everywhere, with their rear-mounted air-cooled… Continue Reading →

Winter Volksfest Results

Wow, what an event! We would like to Thank each and everyone of you that came out! The Bigger building is certainly the place we should be! Hope you had a great time! The building was packed with some great… Continue Reading →

Big Bug Shootout Results

What a Beautiful Sunny but Chilly Day at Piedmont Dragway this past Sunday the 8th. We certainly hope you had a GREAT TIME, that is what it is all about! Photos and results have been posted

Pittsburgh Classic in New Alexandria

The Pittsburgh Classic in New Alexandria, PA on August 19th HAS BEEN CANCELLED. See our event page for all the details HERE. Our next event is at The Rock on Sept 16th. Click the banner above for all the info

2018 Event Schedule

Fast Times at Farmington Results

Our swap meet and show car areas were packed and our racers were ready to burn up that Dragstrip!

Summer Volksfest Results

We packed the house once again for the 5th Annual event. Over 100 show cars and 40 swap meet spaces, spectators had plenty to look at! From used parts to Unique VW Art, plus the Beautiful VWs, all inside in… Continue Reading →

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