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Shriner's Winter Volksfest Jan 15. 2012

      Sunday the 15th of January at the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, NC held the 6th Annual Shriner's Winter Volksfest. The vendor area was hopping with many folks getting some much needed items for their VW restorations in their Garages. The show car area was considerably down from past years as only 40 were in the building. This year many of you came down for the weekend and enjoyed the Hot Rod and Drag Racing expo, Monster Jam and the Super Flea Market. We certainly hope that you enjoyed yourself at the event.

    Awards list is below.........


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1) Beetle Sedan/Convertible Stock (pre-62) 

Hugo Yanez  59 Beetle              

2) Beetle Sedan/Convertible Modified (pre-62)

Phillip Sheek 60 Euro Beetle

3) Beetle Sedan/Convertible Stock (63-67)

Steve Martinez 63 Beetle

4) Beetle Sedan/Convertible  Modified (63-67)

Travis Owens 66 Beetle

5) Beetle Sedan/Convertible Stock (68 & up)

Mike Hilbish  04 Mexican Beetle

6) Beetle Sedan/Convertible Modified (68 & up)

Phillip Marshall  69 Beetle

7) Karmann Ghia Stock   N/A

8) Karmann Ghia Modified

Transporter Werks Sean Fraser 74

9) Type II Stock   Richard Pierce 71 Camper

10) Type II Modified  Kevin Wilson 58 Single Cab

11) Type III      Scott Hollingsworth  73 Fastback

12) Thing  N/A

13) Buggy Jeff Huber  68

14) Baja Alan Tickle  68

15) Rail 

Ricky Harrison 08 East Coast Sandrail

16) Trike  N/A

17) Full Custom  Jack Harris 73 Beetle

18) Daily Driver (Aircooled) pre-65 N/A

19) Daily Driver (Aircooled) 66-71

Quentin Hill  66 Beetle

20) Daily Driver (aircooled) 72 & later   

Jack McClary  74 Beetle

21) Under Construction (all)  

Paul Cladell  73 Super Beetle

22) Kit Car (VW Chassis & Powered)  N/A

23) Special Interest   Mike Kemp  Buggy

 24) Rat Rod  N/A

25) Unrestored Custom   Billy Dye 66 Beetle

26) Drag Car  Jerry Williams  New Beetle

27)Watercooled  Stock (pre-98)    

Brian Burger 81 Scirocco

 28) Watercooled Modified (pre-98)

Transporter Werks Sean Fraser  91 Vanagon Syncro

29) Watercooled Stock (99 & up)

David Haislop  2012 GTI

 30) Watercooled Modified (99 & up)  

Patrick Roberts 09 Jetta