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Shriner's Winter Volksfest Jan 23, 2011

       We would like to thank you all for attending the 5th year of this event. Unfortunately our numbers for both Vendors and Participants were considerably down from previous years. Although it was a beautiful day that Sunday, but still in some parts north of the event, they will dealing with winter weather, so many of the usuals were not able to attend.

      A good number of you guys came through the spectator doors that day and were able to get some needed parts for your VW, see some friends and view some great looking VWs and Scions. A total of 58 VWs were entered into the show, from stock to modified & new and old. Northside Automotive out of VA came out with quite a few of their friends and set up an area to display some of their newest rides to hit the street. Bob Cook of Cooker’s VDubs in Maryland, came down with his family and friends with their gorgeous 52 Beetle. There was some good looking Drag Race cars in attendance as well as some fine looking late model waterpumpers. At the end of the day Jay Kinsey had the Best of the Best with his 62 Beetle Convertible.

We had quite a few things to happen that we wish didn’t, but some things just were not in our control, like they normally would be. We stated a start time of 9am, but the Coliseum folks were not scheduled to come in until 9:30. The doors were not locked up front to the area, so we had to make everyone go out and then come back in to insure we had a count of how many were there. The parking lot folks, well they didn’t seem to know about what was going on.  The Skating event was to start that morning, so they were there when the sun came up ready to collect the parking fee!  The Imports that were placed in the back corner thought there was a show for them that day too. There usually is, but not this time. They came out with about 15 cars, so we made a deal with them that they could come in. We had to really think about it, but this would just mean that the Shriners would get more money for the hospital. I really didn’t hear much from these guys, but we hope they enjoyed looking at the VWs! Maybe we will turn them on to the VW Scene! The Scions came out in full force and had some good looking cars on hand. I do know that many of these guys are or were VW Nuts and plan to come with their VWs to the Drag Racing events. We certainly apologize for everything that happened that morning and are making a list of the items that we NEED to discuss with the main promoter for the next one. Believe me it is a LONG LIST!

We have heard from quite a few of you about the disappointments concerning this event for the future. Please keep them coming! We want to know what you think, so we can improve for the next time, whether it is at this facility or another one.



Best of Show: Jay Kinsey 62 Beetle Convertible

Best Interior: Quinton Hill 66 Beetle   

Best Engine: James Anderson 72 Beetle

Best Paint: James Anderson 71 Beetle


1) Beetle Sedan/Convertible Stock (pre-62)      

1st:Jay Kinsey 62 Beetle Convertible

2) Beetle Sedan/Convertible Modified (pre-62)

1st:Phillip Sheek 60 Beetle

2nd:Mark Alley 60 Ragtop Beetle         

3) Beetle Sedan/Convertible Stock (63-67)

1st: Bobby Boger 65 Beetle

2nd: Tom Messeder 63 Beetle       

4) Beetle Sedan/Convertible  Modified (63-67)

1st:Bob Russo 63 Beetle Ragtop

5) Beetle Sedan/Convertible Stock (68 & up)

1st: James Anderson 71 Super Beetle

2nd: Frances Drewry 73 Beetle        

6) Beetle Sedan/Convertible Modified (68 & up)

1st: Ben Craddock 77 Super Beetle Convertible

2nd: John Holland 68 Beetle         

7) Karmann Ghia Stock    N/A

8) Karmann Ghia Modified

1st: Jeff Colley  57

2nd: Charles Arthur 72          

9) Type II Stock         

1st: Susan Ireton 71 Camper

2nd: Richard  Pierce 71 Camper         

10) Type II Modified

1st: James Stringfellow 66 Single Cab

11) Type III   N/A        

12) Thing

1st: Marty Akes         

13) Buggy   

1st: Jeff Huber

2nd: Heather Darling          

14) Baja  

1st: Kevin Harris

15) Rail      

1st: Richard Cash

2nd: Mike Laws          


16) Trike

1st: Steve Martinez

2nd: Vincent Dehzia         

17) Full Custom  

1st: Henry Moore 67 Beetle

18) Daily Driver (Aircooled) pre-65

1st: Brandon Carpenter 65 Beetle         

19) Daily Driver (Aircooled) 66-71 

1st: Quinton Hill 66 Beetle

2nd: Chris Elliott 70 Beetle         

 20) Daily Driver (aircooled) 72 & later   

1st: Jackie McClary 74 Beetle

2nd: Dennis Ward 72 Super Beetle Convertible        

21) Under Construction (all)    N/A

22) Kit Car (VW Chassis & Powered)

1st: Wally Price  57 Porsche Speedster

23) Special Interest     

1st: Kevin Todden 81 Mexican Beetle

2nd: Susan Ireton 68 Puck Trailer         

 24) Rat Rod

1st: Zach Long 75 Beetle

2nd: Randall Talbert Notchback         

25) Unrestored Custom    

1st: Jake Martinez 63 Beetle

26) Drag Car

1st: Jeff Huber 73 Buggy

2nd: David Cornanzer Humbug         

27)Watercooled  Stock (pre-98)   

1st: Mercedes Jetton 87 Jetta

2nd: Dave Haislop 85 Scirocco         

28)Watercooled Modified (pre-98)  

1st: James Jetton 86 Jetta

2nd: Sean Fraser 91 Vanagon         

29)Watercooled Stock (99 & up)

1st: Tadd Haislop 03          

30) Watercooled Modified (99 & up)  

1st: Tom Schwieroth 99 Golf