Northern Challenge Show Results

September 28, 2014

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 Thanks to everyone that came out to support the last event at Motormile Dragway this past Sunday the 28th. Yes, this is true, do to lack of participation for the last few years, we have to step back and look at the big picture and realize that we just can't make it work here. We had great weather all weekend with 0% chance of rain, but still couldn't get a turnout on Sunday. The show car area had 30 cars, we had around 25 racers and the swap meet was up from previous years though.

    We appreciate the support from the local vdubbers, as in the NRVDubbers club for their help in trying to get the word out in and around the area and helping us at the show. For all of you that came out throughout the years and we hope to see you at our other events.


Best of Show:  Gary Merritt  68 Karmann Ghia


NRVDubbers Club Choice: Tonya & Smiley Wilson 69 Camper

TOP 20

Chris Williamson 66 Beetle

Dell Jones 74 Thing

Kristi Fernatt 66 Beetle

Tony Edwards 75 Buggy

Jeff Smith 74 Beetle

Eric Adkins 73 Beetle

Roscoe Harman 71 Beetle

Chuck Bell 64 Beetle

Alex Vidal 73 Beetle

Michael Peckinpaugh 73 Thing

Shiela Peckinpaugh 74 Super Beetle

Brad Smith 66 Beetle

Robert Lamp 82 MGI Kit car

Roger Bryant 69 Rail

Colby Marshburn 2013 Beetle

Corbitt Marshburn 2014 Beetle

Donnie Cook 62 Beetle

Charlie Wimmer 03 GTI

Alex Johnson 04 Jetta

Mike Thorne 74 Ratrod Beetle