Northern Challenge Show Results

June 14, 2009

Click here for Photos Thanks to Keith Williams

More photos to come!


Best of Show: Mark Alley

Best Paint: Mark Alley

Best Engine:  Michael Gilbert

Best Interior: James Stringfellow

Promoters Choice: James Stringfellow


Top 15

Ed Kenney 72 Chop Top Beetle

Robert Vest 73 Super Beetle

Roy Lee Burnette 52 Beetle

Rebecca Smith 68 Beetle

Dell Jones 68 Beetle

Lathan Beale 70 Beetle

Jerry Ferguson 67 Beetle

Douglas Raynor 85 Westy

Jack Faust VW Motorcycle

James Stringfellow 70 Beetle

Bruce Lovette  Beetle Truck

Chuck Dupuis 67 Beetle

Michael Gilbert 63 Beetle

Sandie Alvarez 72 Super Beetle

Eric Etchinson 63 Beetle