Northern Challenge Race Results

June 14, 2009

Click here for Photos Thanks to Keith Williams

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 This year at Motormile Dragway, we offered a double purse for all SEVWA members. This attracted most of our members already, but we got a few more as well. A total of over $4500 was given away in 3 classes.

The Super Pro Class had a total of 18 racers, so that is a one in 18 chance of winning $2000! When it came down to the end of the day the Battle was set between Bruce Ridgeway and Steve Bowers. Bruce had just come off a win at Fast Times at Farmington back in April. Steve Bowers has been trying to get back in the groove with his Karmann Ghia and he must of have been doing something right to get this far on this day! In the end it was Bruce taking the win over Steve for the BIG MONEY!

The Pro class numbers weren't to shabby themselves with 17 racers in attendance. Tim Norwood came back to race again but this time in the Pro Class. Many of you will remember him with the "Inch Pincher" Dragster. In the early years of SEVWA he was the one to beat. This was his first race back with us and went all the way to Semi's. The final pair was Mel Shealy and Steve Martinez, but Mel took the win again to Steve's Red Light.

Sportsman class had some good numbers with 10 in the class. There were some new racers in the mix as well and certainly hope they got some good experience for the day. Runner-Up at the past Fast Times at Farmington Race, Adam Dalton in his Jetta now came out as a Winner at this race with his win over Virgil Prehn.

Congratulations to everyone and we certainly hope that you all had a good time racin!


Super Pro

Winner: Bruce Ridgeway  DI 6.91 RT .5081 ET 6.92 MPH 96.80


Runner-up: Steve Bowers  DI 7.25 RT .5359 ET 7.25 MPH 91.84

 Semi: Ken Overstreet



Winner: Mel Shealy DI 7.94 RT .5498 ET 7.93 MPH 83.38


Runner-up: Steve Martinez DI 7.70 RT .4286 ET 7.74 MPH 88.50 RED

 Semi:  Tim Norwood / Gary Zipperian



 Winner: Adam Dalton DI 10.80 RT .6961 ET 10.80 MPH 64.47

 Runner-up: Virgil Prehn DI 10.74 RT .9515 ET 10.97 MPH 60.92

 Semi: Barry Boyles