Fast Times at Farmington #15 Results

April 10, 2011

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This 15th edition of Fast Times at Farmington took place on Sunday April 10th, 2011 at Farmington Dragway in Mocksville, NC. The Forecast started out as a rain free weekend or so we thought. Upon our arrival at the Track on Saturday afternoon, it just started raining enough that the race that was going on had to be cancelled. We went ahead and got in our spot for Sunday and hoped that it wouldn’t rain too much so the ground wouldn’t be so wet. Well we had a good storm come through around 7pm, but that was it. After a few hours many VW folks started to arrive to set up their vendor or camping spots. Most of them had come through some MAJOR storms trying to get there. Good for us was all of this missed the track, so it had time to dry out overnight.

Sunday morning was a bit foggy as well as a Cloudy start. The gate was already lined with cars at 7am and it was non- stop all morning long! The vendor/swap meet area started filling up really FAST and by 1pm it was all the way down past the 1/8mile mark! There were over 55 vendors in attendance, so there was sure something for everybody. Hope you found what you were looking for! If you have VW items at home you need to get rid of, get them together and bring out to the next VW event, but make sure you are there early to get a good spot! Many spectators get there super early to try and snag all the good deals!

The car show area was packed with 122 of the Best VWs in North Carolina! Samuel Cox brought out his just finished 56 Oval Beetle for the first time and walked away with Best of Show, Best Paint and First in Class.  Phillip Sheek had his 60 Euro Beetle out, looking good as always and snagged the Best Interior Award, Ethan Icenhour was in attendance with his 60 Indigo Blue Beetle and walked away with Best Engine and Placed 2nd in the Beetle Modified pre-62 Class. All of these guys mentioned above were in the same class and it was a tough category as they were just one or two points separating them! Jeff Huber brought out his two Buggies’ for the event and his race buggy took the Promoters Choice award. We look forward to seeing this Buggy going down the strip in the future. There were WAY too many NICE VWs out in the show area to mention! Be sure you check out the photos to see them all! Also, for the Fall Farmington, we plan to make some revisions to the show area so we can accommodate everyone that would like to have a non-judged VW only parking area at no extra charge.

The racing area had some 45 racers all ready to roll down the dragstrip in hopes that they could take home some of that $4000 in prize money in 3 bracket classes. We had Ken Fisher of Fisher Buggies out of Tampa, FL with his New Beetle Door Slammer drag car and made some awesome passes and even set a MPH record. Also a local racer had his Wheelstander in action making some test passes that REALLY wowed the crowd! Super Pro Class had 2010 Champion Bruce Ridgeway taking the win over Clint Woolard. Pro Class it was Tony Miller over Manuel Hudson and In Sportsman for the second event in a row Rick Laws took the win over Arnold Williams. Take a look at the race results section for photos and a complete rundown of times.

We would like to thank everyone for coming out and making this another successful event. Without YOU there would be no event. If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know. We always welcome your thoughts! Join us on May 22nd at Piedmont Dragway for Big Bug Shootout #7. We will be back at The Farm on Oct 23rd.

Show awards

Best of Show: Samuel Cox 56 Beetle



Best Interior: Phillip Sheek 60 Beetle


Best Engine: Ethan Icenhour 60 Beetle


Best Paint: Samuel Cox 56 Beetle


Promoters Choice: Jeff Huber Race Buggy


1) Beetle Sedan/Convertible Stock (pre-62)  

1st: Timothy Hayes 50 Beetle

2nd : Lauren & Caroline Infinger 58 Beetle Convertible             

2) Beetle Sedan/Convertible Modified (pre-62)

1st: Samuel Cox 56 Beetle

2nd: Ethan Icenhour 60 Beetle

3) Beetle Sedan/Convertible Stock (63-67)

1st Jerry Boger 65 Beetle

2nd: Lamar Smith 64 Beetle

4) Beetle Sedan/Convertible  Modified (63-67)

1st: Scott Boden 67 Beetle

2nd: TIE Norta Swain 66 Beetle & Trevor & Phyllis Isetts 67 Beetle

5) Beetle Sedan/Convertible Stock (68 & up)

1st: Frances Drewry 73 Beetle

2nd: Gary Stewart 69 Beetle

6) Beetle Sedan/Convertible Modified (68 & up)

1st: Michael Cox

2nd: Rebecca Smith

7) Karmann Ghia Stock 

1st: John Singleton 66

8) Karmann Ghia Modified

1st: Roberta Cox 74

2nd: Billy Byars 74

9) Type II Stock   

1st: Howard and Lucy McClannahan 61 Single Cab

2nd: Oliver Earl 67 Deluxe  

10) Type II Modified

1st: Ron Atwood

11) Type III      

1st: Bobby McDowell 73 Squareback

2nd: Jamey Cauthen 73 Fastback

12) Thing

1st: Mike Corley  74

13) Buggy

1st: Jeff Huber

2nd: Todd Allen              

14) Baja  

1st: Lonnie Fernatt 70

2nd: Terry Lindsey 72

15) Rail

1st: Gerald Puink

2nd: Ricky Harrison                    

16) Trike

1st: James Dugan

2nd: Ray Jackson

17) Full Custom

1st: Henry Moore 67 Beetle

2nd: James Dugan 70 Beetle 

18) Daily Driver (Aircooled) pre-65

1st: Randy Hinson 65 Beetle

2nd: John Cord 64 Beetle

19) Daily Driver (Aircooled) 66-71 

1st: Quentin Hill 66 Beetle

2nd: Ray Hauser 66 Beetle

20) Daily Driver (aircooled) 72 & later   

1st: Francis  Hylton 74 Beetle

21) Under Construction (all) 

1st: Derek Jester 69 Beetle

2nd: TIE Kevin Douglas 73 Super & Scott Dunn 72 Super

22) Kit Car (VW Chassis & Powered)

1st: Patrick Van Clapdurp 84 Kelmark GT

23) Special Interest  

1st: Gary Winters 34 Ford

2nd: Jeff Huber 73 Race Buggy

24) Rat Rod

1st: Zach Long 75 Beetle

2nd: Greg Booth 68 Beetle

25) Unrestored Custom

1st: Brian Wilson 67 Beetle

2nd: Randell Talbert 64 Notchback   

26) Watercooled  Stock (pre-98)   

1st: Bob Coffin 88 Fox Wagen

27)Watercooled Modified (pre-98)

1st: Daniel Harvey 85 GTI

28)Watercooled Stock (99 & up)

1st: Frank Carter 08 R32

29) Watercooled Modified (99 & up)  NONE