Fast Times at Farmington Results

April 5, 2009

Photos by Holeshot Photos

Set 1 Set 2


    The race portion of the event had approx 50 racers attending. There were some new faces in the crowd along with the regulars.  This event has one of the largest payouts on the East Coast and we hope to continue that with your support!

           The Super Pro Class had the regulars like Clint Woolard, Bob Hill, Mike Gagnier & Jerry Williams, but in the end it was Bruce Ridgeway taking the win over newcomer Leo Yates. In the Pro Class there were quite a few new cars out to race such as Christy Sellers, Terry Coffman and Kris Sherer, but they will be hard pressed to stay on the game like Mel Shealy has this season so far. Mel Shealy took a break in 2008, but is now back in the saddle again and took his second win in a row, this time over Christy Sellers, which gave him a run for his money, but ended up breaking out! In the Sportsman class Alstair Fordham took his 66 Bus in the time runs but wasn't able to make it back for eliminations, Regulars Mike Sheets and Jim Skelton made some rounds and even father and son team Barry & BJ Boyles went to the Semis, but in the end it was Brandon Miller in the Buddah Bug taking the win over newcomer to the series Adam Dalton in his 95 Jetta.


Super Pro

Winner:¬≠¬≠  Bruce Ridgeway DI 6.78 RT .066 ET 6.86 MPH 94.93

 Runner-up: Leo Yates DI 6.99 RT -.020 ET 6.97 MPH 98.96 FOUL


Semi: Henry Williams



Winner: Mel Shealy  DI 7.66 RT .162 ET 7.72 MPH 86.65


Runner-up: Christy Sellers DI 7.68 RT .229 ET 7.57 MPH 91.99 Broke out


Semi: Bobby Bramblett



 Winner: Brandon Miller DI 11.31 RT .044 ET 11.27 MPH 59.86 -.036 BO


Runner-up: Adam Dalton DI 10.17 RT .042 ET 10.06 MPH 70.25 -.103 BO


Semi: Barry Boyles & BJ Boyles