Fast Times at Farmington #12 Results

October 25, 2009

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 Super Pro

Winner:¬≠¬≠  Woody Page DI 6.98  RT.009 ET 7.11 MPH 84.84


Runner-up: Steve Bowers DI 7.10 RT .070 ET 7.09 MPH 94.03  B.O.

Semi: Austin Johnson III / Bruce Ridgeway


Winner: Tony Miller  DI 7.52  RT.135 ET 7.70 MPH 88.07

 Runner-up: Mel Shealy DI 7.56  RT -.020 ET 7.534 MPH 88.53 FOUL B.O.

 Semi: David Wegner


Winner: Adam Dalton DI 10.25  RT.091 ET 10.38 MPH 69.68

Runner-up: Jerry Knight DI 10.52  RT.092  ET 10.45 MPH 68.16

Semi: Barry Boyles

Pro Stock

 Winner: Warren Skaggs RT .106 ET 6.06 MPH 111.77

 Runner-up: Damon Harmon  RT -.001 ET 6.35 MPH 89.28 FOUL

Unlimited Street

First place: 1000.00 cash  225.00 Gift cert. to BUGPACK, 100.00 Gift cert. to Jaycee, 5gal. VP-C16 from Mountain Motorsports.
 Winner: Rob Shultz

Runner up: 500.00 cash  125.00 Gift cert. to BUGPACK, 50.00 Gift cert. to Jaycee.
"Jersey" Joe Koenig.

Third: 200.00 cash  100.00 Gift cert. to BUGPACK.
Jerry Lewis

Luppino Racing Low E.T.  100.00
Jerry Lewis with a 6.44

Luppino Racing Top Speed 100.00
"Mean" Gene Cook with a 113.25 mph

Cookers V-Dubs Best reaction time  100.00
"Timbo" Tim Elliott with a .035

Induction-Solutions, Scott Sain, Quickest N2O car. 100.00 Cash 100.00 Gift cert to Induction Solutions.
"Jersey" Joe Koenig

JLR Racing, IN RANGE racing, KOENIG racing, Quickest N/A car 200.00 cash
Doug Murphy with a 7.835

JLR Racing, IN RANGE racing, KOENIG racing, 2nd Quickest N/A car 100.00 cash
Johnie Walker with a 7.848

Chad Daily Farthest tow 100.00 cash
" Jersey" Joe Koenig

Hard Luck award: Precision Engineered Performance 100.00 cash. Creative Car Concepts Custom shift knob.
Jay Holden with a gear box break

Class drawing:  Mega Machine AN wrench set.
Johnie Walker

Class drawing: Creative Car Craft Gift cert. 250.00
"Jersey" Joe Koenig

Carl Nolen's " Head Hunter" money $50.00. This is for who beats the #1 qualifier. If #1 qualifier wins, then that driver collects the prize.
Rob Shultz for taking out number one qualifier Gene Cook in elims.

Blake's Bounty:  Any N/A only car that can beat Blake Mays 7.10 E.T.  300.00
Not taken