Fast Times at Farmington Show Results

April 5, 2009

CLICK HERE for Photos by Jesse Williams


       Sunday April 5th turned out to be a GORGEOUS day for the 11th running of the Fast Times at Farmington held at Farmington Dragway in Mocksville, NC.

      Saturday night the place was packed with the first points race for the local Gear Jammers bracket racing. Many VW enthusiast came out early and watched some Hot Rods racing and later that evening, many more came out to get set up for the Sunday event. We had to wait for quite a while to get everyone in their spots since there were so many racers, but there seem to be more there that evening then in years past. I am sure the good weather contributed to it, but it also gives these folks some time to get their vending spots ready and not in a rush in the morning to get to the track!

    Sunday morning arrived early for most of us and if you didn't get there early for a swap space, you had to be parked in the back field! We had over 50 used parts vendors and of course our Vendors Midway filled with our New Parts Sponsors from all over the East Coast. As the spectator parking was filling up the field, the show car area was doing the same. A total of 124 VWs filled the grassy area inside the track and there were some Beautiful rides out there! Many of you commented that this was the best field of show cars in a long time!

         Phillip Sheek took the Best of Show & Paint honors, plus First in the pre-67 Daily Driver Class with his Beautiful 61 Beetle. This car was bought out on the West Coast from a car club that produces come Gorgeous VWs, The German Folks. Phillip has certainly enjoyed his car and has brought it out to quite a few shows here on the East Coast. Although, the time has come to work on a new one as this car now has a new owner which purchased it during the show. We hope that we will see the car again and wish Phillip the Best of Luck on his next VW endeavor.

       Among some of the other Awesome looking VWs in attendance was regular Randy Waller and his Accessorized 66 Bahama Blue Beetle which took Best Engine and First in Class. Ethan Icehour brought out his freshly done Indigo Blue 60 Beetle and certainly turned some heads. Ethan was just a few points behind Randy and took second as well as Best Interior. Herbie is always a crowd and Kid favorite at shows and this time it was Jonathan Call's 69 Beetle Herbie Replica that took the Promoters Choice and First in the Daily Driver 68 & up class.

     We certainly hope that you and your family enjoyed the show! We are always open for comments and suggestions regarding our events. Please don't hesitate to send us an email or give us a call! Our next event is June 14th at Motormile Dragway in Radford, VA, then we are back in NC on August 23rd at Piedmont Dragway.

Best of Show: Phillip Sheek 61 Beetle

Best Paint: Phillip Sheek 61 Beetle

Best Engine: Randy Waller 66 Beetle

Best Interior: Ethan Icehour 60 Beetle

Promoters Choice: Jonathan Call 69 Herbie Beetle


1) Vintage stock (pre-57)

1st: Donna Letterman 54 Silver Beetle

2nd: Roy Lee Burnette 52 Beetle

2) Vintage Modified (pre-57)

1st: Malcom Ruppe 54 Beetle

3) Beetle sedan/vert stock (58-67)

1st: Robert Boger (65)

2nd: Jerry Ferguson (67)

4) Beetle sedan/vert Modified (58-67)

1st: Randy Waller (66)

2nd: Ethan Icehour (60)

5)Beetle sedan/vert Stock (68 & up)

1st: Frances Drewery (73)

2nd: Jessica Jones (71 Vert)

6) Beetle sedan/vert Modified (68 & up)

1st: David Clodfelter (69)

2nd: Robert Vest (73) & Rick Bradshaw (74) TIE

 7) Karmann Ghia Stock

1st: Gerhard Kalmus (74)

8) Karmann Ghia Modified

1st: Billy Byars (74)

2nd: Scott Powell (72)

9) Type II Stock

1st: Erik Evans (77)

2nd: Julie Smith (72)

10) Type II Modified

1st: Michael Bell (63 Crewcab)

2nd: Adam Badgett (66 Short Bus)

11) Type III stock

1st: Jeff Colley (67 Fastback)

2nd: Don Pelfrey (73 Fastback)

12) Type III modified

1st: Brent Cox (69 Squareback)

13) Thing

1st: Jeff Langley

2nd: Leigh Pitaccio

14) Buggy

1st: Jeff Huber

2nd: Josey Smith

15) Baja

1st: Perry Gibbons

2nd: Carolyn Cooper

16) Rail

1st: Greg Young

2nd: Mike Laws & Bruce Merlot

17) Trike

1st: James Hedley

2nd: Carl Maynard

18) Full Custom (air or water)

1st: Ed Kenney (72 Beetle)

19) Daily Driver (ac pre-67)

1st: Phillip Sheek (61 Beetle)

2nd: Jonathan Cantrell

20) Daily Driver (ac 68 & up)

1st: Jonathan Call (69 Herbie)

2nd: Phillip Vernon (76 Beetle)

21) Under Construction (all)

1st: Quenton Hill 66 Beetle

2nd: Adcock Construction 66 Buggy

22) Watercooled Stock:

1st: Frank Carter 08 R32

23) Watercooled Modified:

1st: Bill Lawrence 97 Jetta

2nd: Douglas Raynor 85 Westy

24) Special Interest

1st: Bruce Cook 76 Porsche

2nd: Jeff Pintea 74 Beetle (Panthers Theme)

25) Hoodride/Rat Rod

1st: Zach Long (75 Beetle)

2nd: Fonzie Alfonzo (61 Beetle)