Fast Times at Farmington #29 Results

May 20, 2018

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Show awards

Best of Show Aircooled: Bob Boger 66 Beetle Convertible


Best of Show Watercooled:  Frank Carter 08 R32

Promoter's Choice: David Carr 57 Beetle


Best Workmanship: KC Cribb 60 Beetle



Inner Beauty: Garry Dolin 14 East Coast Sandrail


Most Original: Greg Hord 57 Beetle


Best Use of Color: Dale & Jewel Terrell 60 Ragtop Beetle




1) Beetle Stock (pre-58) N/A

    1st: David Carr 57

    2nd: Greg Hord 57

2) Beetle Modified (pre-58)  N/A

3) Beetle Stock (59-64)

   1st: Jerry Smith 63

    2nd: Carlos Fries 63 Euro

4) Beetle Modified (59-64)

    1st: Eric Etchinson 62

    2nd: Dale & Jewel Terrell 60 Ragtop

5) Beetle Stock (65-67)

   1st: Bobby Boger 66

   2nd: Eric Hausfield 65

6) Beetle Modified (65-67)

  1st: Chad Hicks 65

  2nd: Chase Steele 65

7) Beetle Stock (68 & up)

   1st: Michael Daniels 70

    2nd: Gabrielle Schwarz 73

8) Beetle Modified (68-up)

   1st: David Clodfelter & Jeff Grimm

   2nd: Keith Billings & Kevin Shaw

8A) Super Beetle Stock

   1st: Vernon Horne 72

    2nd: Derrick Forbes 72

8B) Super Beetle Modified

    1st: Penny Williams

    2nd: Doug Anderson

 9) Karmann Ghia Stock

    1st: James Jones

10) Karmann Ghia Modified

    1st: Billy Etchinson

    2nd: Matt Truby

11) Type II Stock (pre-67)  N/A

12) Type II Modified (pre-67)

   1st: Smitty Smith 21 Window

   2nd: Brett Pace 65 Single Cab

13) Type II Stock (68 & up)

    1st: Bobby Hall

14) Type II Modified (68 & up)

      1st: Larry Emery

       2nd: Billy Tate

15) Type III (all)

   1st: Heath White 68 Sqaureback

    2nd: Ben Lutz  64 Notchback

16) Thing

    1st: David Bethea

17) Buggy  N/A

18) Baja

    1st: Kevin Harris 69

    2nd: Donald Turner

19) Rail

    1st: Garry Dolin & Thomas Barber

    2nd: Rick Wagner

20) Trike

   1st: Shelia Weaver

    2nd: Ada Williamson

21) Full Custom (air or water)

   1st: Bob Staley

22) Daily Driver (aircooled) all years

     1st; Jim Poydock

     2nd: Randy Hounshell

23) Special Interest

     1st: James Jones

     2nd: Jim Traughber

24) Under Construction (all)

     1st: Freddie Revis

     2nd: Joseph Ring

25) Kit Car (VW Chassis & Powered) N/A

26) Rat Rod

     1st: KC Cribb

     2nd: Alex Johansen



27)Stock Watercooled ALL YEARS

    1st: Tommy Wolff 03 GTI

     2nd: Kristin Colvard 02 Jetta

28)Modified MKI/MKII golf / cabriolet / jetta /Passat
/Scirocco/Corrado(78-94)  N/A

29) Modified MKIII/MKIV golf / cabriolet /jetta / Passat

   1st: Dillon Penell 01 Jetta

 30) Modified MKV/MKVI golf / jetta / Passat b6 (05& up) N/A

 31) Modified (11 & UP)

    1st: Logan Francum

     2nd: Dale Farr

32) other watercooled (Vanagon/Eurovan)

   1st: Schell Mullis

   2nd: Doug Raynor

33) other watercooled (Fox/New Beetle/Etc)

   1st: Daniel McBurney

    2nd: Robert Owens

 Patina Beetle (Sponsored by Smitty's Smoothies)

   1st: KC Cribb