Fast Times at Farmington #27 Results

May 21, 2017

CLICK HERE for Photos Photos By Conner Mitchell & Luci Jacobs

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Photos by Andrew Banjak  CLICK HERE

     Wow, what a Great event we had despite the weather.
Saturday night we had a great turnout of campers and vendors, enjoying the evening with friends, setting up
their spot and just relaxing before Sunday.
     As the Sun began to try and peak out through the clouds Sunday morning, VW Enthusiasts were already on their way. But as you know, that Sun wasn't seen much at all. Drizzle to a slow steady rain, to no rain, but the temp was just right! This didn't stop you guys from coming out by any means. The racers still came out in hopes that the rain would pass and we could get them down the track, but mother nature just said no. So those guys just enjoyed their time looking through the swap meet,
show area or just to set back and relax. We would like to thank those guys for making the trip, even with knowing that there may be a chance that they can't race.
     The swap meet area had over 60 new and used parts, which was quite busy all day long. There were 115 in the show car area, which is only down by maybe 30 or so from any other Farmington event. We would like to thank the swap meet folks for working with us on our rearrangements of the area to help accommodate everyone. To all the clubs, VW enthusiast that came out even through heavy rain just to be there. To our Judges, Tim Hayes, Sheila & Michael Peckinpaugh for going with what we gave them and getting the area judged faster and more precise. To our Family, friends & volunteers, that helped us organize getting the registration done, selling shirts, parking show cars
and the swap area, THANK YOU!
       The most important people to Thank is YOU! YOU are the ones that help make the event what it is. Without YOU, this wouldn't be possible. We hope you enjoy the PASSION we put into these events to keep them going year to year. We are VW Enthusiasts as well and want to see it last for a long time.
       If there are any questions, comments or suggestions, lets hear them! We will be getting the results and photos online soon, so stay tuned. If you have some to share, please share them here. If you are on Instagram, tag us @SEVWA1 we would love to see them and share with our followers.


Show awards

Best of Show Aircooled: Brad Smith 65 Beetle Convertible


Best of Show Watercooled:  David Mitchell 2015 GTI

Promoter's Choice: Darci Marshall 65 Karmann Ghia


Best Workmanship: Garry Dolin 14 East Coast Sandrail


Inner Beauty: Bob Hicks 61 Beetle



Most Original: Tim Hayes 50 Beetle


Best Use of Color: Paul Gray 72 Bus




1) Beetle Stock (pre-57) N/A

2) Beetle Modified (pre-57)

   1st: Mike Hillberry 57 Beetle

3) Beetle Stock (58-67)

   1st: Bob Hicks 61 Beetle

    2nd: Buddy Efird 61 Beetle

4) Beetle Modified (58-67)

    1st: Chad Hicks 65 Beetle

    2nd: Bob Cook 67 Beetle

5) Beetle Stock (68 & up)

   1st: Vernon Horne 72 Super Beetle

   2nd: Phil Pentz  74 Beetle

6) Beetle Modified (68 & up)

  1st: Eric Smith 69 Beetle

  2nd: David Clodfelter 69 Beetle

 7) Karmann Ghia Stock

    1st: Darci Marshall 65

    2nd: Sean Dinges 74

8) Karmann Ghia Modified

    1st: Donnie Austin 59

    2nd: Jonathan DeYoung 74

9) Type II Stock (pre-67)

    1st: Steve Cramer 64 Turkis

    2nd: Ben Lutz 66 Westy

10) Type II Modified (pre-67)

   1st: Alexander Rodriguez 66 Westy

   2nd: Bret Pace 65 Single Cab

11) Type II Stock (68 & up)

    1st: Roger Roberts 71

     2nd: Paul Gray 72

12) Type II Modified (68 & up)

      1st: Cameron Anderson 69

13) Type III (all)

   1st: Adrian Lamperski 71 Sqaureback

    2nd: Tom Landock 69 Fastback

14) Thing N/A

15) Buggy

   1st: Eric Cooper

   2nd: Randy Hinson

16) Baja

    1st: Donald Turner 70

    2nd: Kevin Harris 69

17) Rail

    1st: Garry Dolin

    2nd: Thomas Barber

18) Trike N/A

19) Full Custom (air or water)

   1st: Brad Smith 65 Beetle Convertible Choptop

   2nd: Bobby Austin 67 Beetle

20) Daily Driver (aircooled) all years

     1st; Jerry Smith 63 Beetle

     2nd: Brad Smith 66 Beetle

21) Special Interest

     1st: Chris Gray 73 Type 4

     2nd: Mindy Hall 71 Bus

22) Under Construction (all)

     1st: Jason Cody 72 Bus

     2nd: David Beatha  71 Super Beetle

23) Kit Car (VW Chassis & Powered) N/A

24) Rat Rod

     1st: Scott Austin 72

     2nd: Jason Jarrett 74 Beetle



25)Stock Watercooled ALL YEARS

    1st: Paula Byrd 16 Jetta

     2nd: Jack VanNest 13 GTI

26)Modified MKI/MKII golf / cabriolet / jetta /Passat

    1st: Justin Cummings 87 Golf

     2nd: Tom Landock 91 GTI

27) Modified MKIII/MKIV golf / cabriolet /jetta / Passat

   1st: Alex Bailey 2002 Passat

    2nd: Dillon Penell 01 Jetta

28) Modified MKV/MKVI golf / jetta / Passat b6 (05& up)

    1st: Frank Carter 08 R32

    2nd: Chris Brown 11 GTI

29) other watercooled (Vanagon/Eurovan/ Fox/New Beetle/Etc)

   1st: David Mitchell 15 GTI

   2nd: Robert Owens 99 Beetle

30) Patina Beetle (Sponsored by Smitty's Smoothies)