Pittsburgh Classic Show Results

September 11, 2011

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Best of Show Air: Chris Boucher 62 Beetle Convertible

Best of Show Water: John Stuver 08 R32

Best Paint: Chris Boucher 62 Beetle Convertible

Best Interior: Chris Boucher 62 Beetle Convertible

Best Engine: Eddie Agate 81 Rabbit

Promoters Choice: Eric Hengstenberger 67 Karmann Ghia


1) Beetle sedan/ convertible stock (Pre-67)

1st: Ben Lutz 64 Beetle

2nd: Albert Heiles 59 Herbie

2) Beetle sedan/ convertible Modified (Pre-67)

1st: Chris Boucher 62 Beetle Convertible

2nd: Bill Sewak Jr 66 Beetle

3) Beetle sedan/ convertible Stock (68 & up)

1st: Don Fetterman 72 Beetle

2nd: Adrian Lamperski 68 Beetle

4) Beetle sedan/ convertible Modified (68 & up)

1st: Kevin Callahan 78 Beetle Convertible

2nd: Brian Sigel 71 Beetle Convertible

5) Karmann Ghia (all)

1st: TIE  Dolly McCoy 71 

Eric Hengstenberger 67

6) Type II Stock

1st: Craig Stowers 71

2nd: Mike Cunningham 71

7) Type II Modified

1st: Shawn Russo 71

2nd: Corey Anderson 64 Panel

8) Type III (ALL) 1ST: Rick Hasse 65 Type 34 Ghia

9) Thing none

10) Buggy

1st: Randy Jackson 66 Meyers Manx

2nd: Chuck Ritchie 66

11) Baja 1st: Josh Davis 73 Beetle

12) Rail  NONE           

13) Trike 1st: Mutt & Deby

14) Rat Rod

1st: Joe Miller 66 Beetle

2nd: Chip Boucher 63 Beetle

15) Full Custom

1st: Vernon Lofink 72 Beetle

2nd: John Vater 74 Super Beetle

16) Daily Driver (ac all years)

1st: David Hughes

2nd: Alex Hastings

17) Special Interest  1st: David Alberti 2011 Sterling RX

18) Under Construction 1st: David Alberti 2011 Sterling RX tube Chassis

19)Watercooled Stock (all years)

1st: Chris Mance 01 Passat Wagen

2nd: Donald Bobincheck

20) MK1-MKII Modified 1st: Eddie Agate 81 Rabbit

21) MKIII-MKIV Modified

1st: Justin Dorsh 03 20th Anniversary GTI

2ND: Christina Episcopo 99 Cabrio

22) MKV-MKVI Modified

1st: John Stuver 08 Red R32

2ND: Ryan Greene 09 Jetta GLI

23: Other Watercooled

1st: Albert Heiles 99 New Beetle

2nd: Jason Autitomas 99 New Beetle