Pittsburgh Classic Show Results

September 13, 2009

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Best of Show Air: Bruce Main  70 Manx

Best Paint: Bruce Main  70 Manx

Best Engine: Bruce Main  70 Manx

Best Interior: Bruce Main  70 Manx

Promoters Choice: Mark Fehrenbach

Best of Show Water: James Baird  99 Beetle


1) Vintage stock (pre-57)  NONE

2) Vintage Modified (pre-57)

1st: Robert Cook

2nd: Howard Creps

3) Beetle sedan/ convertible stock (58-67) NONE

4) Beetle sedan/ convertible Modified (58-67)

1st: Chris Boucher

2nd: Paul Sollenberger

5) Beetle sedan/ convertible Stock (68 & up)

1st: Adrian Lamperski

2nd: Bob Loriso

6) Beetle sedan/ convertible Modified (68 & up)

1st: Mark Fehrenbach

2nd: Brian Sigel

7) Karmann Ghia Stock

1st: Dan Lutz

8) Karmann Ghia Modified

1st: Eric Hengstenberger

2nd: Dolly McCoy

9) Type II Stock

1st: Ben Lutz

2nd: Cory Anderson

10) Type II Modified NONE

11) Type III stock NONE

12) Type III modified  NONE

13) Thing NONE

14) Buggy

1st: Don Vogeding

2nd: John Buchanan

15) Baja

1st: Kolben Hillberg

16) Rail  NONE             

17) Trike

1st: Jeffrey Youger

2nd: Victor “Mutt” VanEtten

18) Full Custom (air or water)

1st: Bruce Main Manx

19) Daily Driver (ac pre-67)

1st: Luis Rios

2nd: Dave Leis

20) Daily Driver (ac 68 & up)

1st: Alex Hastings

2nd: Gene Opfer

21) Under Construction (all) NONE

22) Kit Car

1st: Logan Birdsong

23) Special Interest NONE

24) Rat Rod

1st: Steven Nicholson

2nd: David Beadling

25) Unrestored Custom NONE

26) MKI-MKIII Stock

1st: Armand Engelbreet 87 Scricco

2nd: Mark Steven Walter 92 Harlequin

27) MKIV-MKV Stock

 1st: Julie Barnhart 05 GTI

28) New Beetle stock

1st: Albert Heiles

29) other watercooled stock

1st: Vicky Vrabel 97 Eurovan

30) MKI Modified

1st: Matt Zamosky  78 Rabbit

2nd: Keith Pomeroy 87 Scirocco

31) MKII Modified

1st: Jason Hayden 92 Corrado

2nd: Steve Sankovich 92 Jetta

32) MKIII Modified

1st: Coby McCoy  96 Jetta

2nd: Christine Episcopo

33) MKIV Modified

1st:Matthew Kempka 03 GTI   

34) MKV Modified

1st: Miki Korac 07 GLI

35) 337/20ae/R32 Modified

1st: Josh Thompson 02 GTI

2ND: Jonathan Stuver 04 R32

36) New Beetle Modified

1st: James Baird

37) Other watercooled

1st: Chris Mance 93 Fox