Big Bug Shootout Results

April 17, 2016


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 Super Pro

Winner: Ken Overstreet  

 Runner-up: Steve Martinez

No times for finals, due to test & tune car messing up track. Flipped the coin for the winner and split the purse.

     Semi: Michael Hall / Larry Hagler


 Winner:  David Young  DI 9.40 RT .027 ET 9.50 MPH 65.74

 Runner-up: Drew McConnell  DI 9.35 RT .384 ET 9.34 MPH 79.75

Semi: Mercel Reynolds / Joe Shea



Winner: Trey Sikes  DI 9.63 RT 1.27 ET 9.64 MPH 71.54

Runner-up: Colby Marshburn  DI 11.60 RT -.040 ET 11.78 MPH 57.57

Semi Kody Dalton / Rick Laws